How Famous Logos Were Made

I'm not really sure where this picture originates from (if you do, please enlighten me), but I thought it was pretty funny so I decided to share it.

CAPI Rebranding By CIP Creative

Melbourne based CIP Creative did a fantastic job creating a beautiful new visual identity for CAPI, an Australian company producing soft drinks and mineral water. I love the eye catching geometric logo, the modern typography and the sheer simplicity of the bottles.


The HP Brand Redesign That Did Not Happen

Since 2008, HP has been on a mission to reposition itself on the market to become something more exciting than just a boring corporation that manufactures boring PCs so they hired Moving Brands to take their brand identity to the next level. The guys at Moving Brands were thinking tirelessly and came up with something so radical that in the end the HP management chickened out and only certain elements of their proposal were used.