The Chemical Brothers - Don't Think

One thing I love about the Chemical Brothers is that their music is essentially timeless. While electronic genres these days get old almost immediately as most producers are constrained to write completely identical and generic tunes, Chemical's classic Hey Boy Hey Girl still gives me goosebumps whenever I hear it. Their work is simply beyond genres, and that's why they stand the test of time.


AE64 By Quba Michalski

This video made my day! AE64 is a tribute to the Demoscene and to the legacy of the world’s most popular microcomputer: the Commodore 64. While this video was created using the typical contemporary arsenal of tools (mainly After Effects and Cinema 4D), it conforms to most of the basic graphical limitations of the C64 such as a limited 16-color palette, low resolution, use of the overscan area etc. To maintain the spirit of the demo, Quba Michalski also created most of the effects using various scripts and code snippets, procedurally automating many of the tasks typically animated using keyframes. Simply awesome!

Fotoshop By Adobé

Jesse Rosten poking fun of society's standards of beauty. Hilarious!