Chris Pirillo's Father Tries Windows 8

Great video by blogger Chris Pirillo about the shortcomings of the new Windows 8 UI, which is an awkward combination of the traditional Windows interface and Metro, Microsoft's mobile UI.

// via Fixing Windows 8

Solid UI Kit by Sixbase

If you want to build a site for Homer Simpson, now's your chance! I found this great user interface kit on Design Kindle, which is a fantastic site where you can get premium quality web design files like this one, absolutely free. This resource is a must have in every designer's arsenal.

Amazing Windows Desktop UI Concept

This world class Windows Desktop UI concept was put together by The Verge forum member Sputnik8. I think it's absolutely brilliant and sincerely wish Microsoft adopted it. Actually, I think it's so great that I'd even switch back from OSX if I could put my hands on it. There, I said it!


Android Design

There's a new official style guide out there for Android devices. Google is finally starting to understand the importance of a polished UI which is indeed crucial if they want to beat Apple who have mastered this art with OSX and the iPhone.