A Dramatic Surprise On A Quiet Square

Here's viral marketing at its finest. To launch a new TV channel in Belgium, TNT placed a big red push button on an average Flemish square of an average Flemish town. A sign with the text "Push to add drama" invited people to use the button. To see what happened when someone pushed it, check out the video below!

Star Trac 2012 Photo Shoot: Behind the Scenes

Australian photographer Dean Bradshaw takes you behind the scenes of a photo shoot as he creates high impact images of athletes in peak moments of action for Startrac's 2012 campaign. While these images go through quite a bit of post processing, none of that would do any good without his brilliant creative vision and stunning lighting setup. All I can say, wow!

Chris Pirillo's Father Tries Windows 8

Great video by blogger Chris Pirillo about the shortcomings of the new Windows 8 UI, which is an awkward combination of the traditional Windows interface and Metro, Microsoft's mobile UI.

// via Fixing Windows 8

Hilarious Diving Dogs by Seth Casteel

Check out these hilariously crazy underwater shots of dogs diving for tennis balls by Los Angeles based freelance pet lifestyle photographer Seth Casteel. Apart from doing freelance gigs, Seth is using his talent to help increase adoption rates from animal shelters by providing photography training for shelter staff through his non-profit, Second Chance Photos.


Solid UI Kit by Sixbase

If you want to build a site for Homer Simpson, now's your chance! I found this great user interface kit on Design Kindle, which is a fantastic site where you can get premium quality web design files like this one, absolutely free. This resource is a must have in every designer's arsenal.