The Anatomy of a Perfect Landing Page

In a highly competitive marketplace landing pages are among your website's most important assets. This is where you must convince potential customers with a short and effective sales pitch to spend their hard earned money on your products, therefore it is crucial to get things right.

Although designing a landing page is not an exact science, this set of best practices outlined in Formstack's useful Infographic by will definitely help you achieve more conversions. Highly recommended read for everyone, especially beginners.

Yo Momma Is A Shitty Graphic Designer By 55 Hi's

Finally something useful! Put your neighbor to shame with these Yo Momma's a Shitty Designer printable notepads via 55 Hi's. The file is 8.5x11 without bleed so print away on any standard printer and then just tear the sheet in half.


Amazing Windows Desktop UI Concept

This world class Windows Desktop UI concept was put together by The Verge forum member Sputnik8. I think it's absolutely brilliant and sincerely wish Microsoft adopted it. Actually, I think it's so great that I'd even switch back from OSX if I could put my hands on it. There, I said it!


Pinterest Is Feeling The Heat

Looks like Pinterest is starting to feel the heat due to copyright concerns so they are introducing NOPIN, a small piece of HTML code that you can use to avoid getting your content pinned. This might come in handy especially if you take a look at their somewhat shady Terms of Use.


Are Graphic Designers Really Ruining The Web?

I think I've just encountered the dumbest article ever written about web design, and it's a bit surprising since I thought the Guardian was a proper publication.