Are Graphic Designers Really Ruining The Web?

I think I've just encountered the dumbest article ever written about web design, and it's a bit surprising since I thought the Guardian was a proper publication.

Anyway, this guy called John Naughton argues that graphic designers are ruining the web by making sites bigger and bigger (in his terms bloated) with a complete disregard towards people who would just like to access content easily.

I'm sorry John, they aren't. While I agree that there used to be a time when websites had too much unnecessary bling, that was over a decade ago when having graphics on a site was a spectacle by itself and designers got a bit carried away while competing each other.

The web has evolved a great deal since those days. That new car smell has worn off and our browsing habits have changed as well. We don't go to a site just to look at the site any more, we want to find the information we're looking for quickly. Therefore every single decent designer is well aware of the fact that content is king and they do their best to optimize sites for speed as much as they can for several different reasons. Mr. Naughton's ill timing with this sensationalistic rant is more than puzzling.

What's even stranger is the "good" example he provided, a site where the content is barely readable because the font is too small and instead of having properly sized paragraphs they span the entire browser window. Wasn't his entire argument about being able to access content easily?

I don't even want to get started on the rest of the article, it's just plain wrong, all of it. I have no idea why people feel the need to write about topics they clearly have no idea about... Maybe there's a quota in the Guardian they need to fill or something like that, but come on, write about something you understand!

Let me know what you all think in the comment section.

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1. g0m3z - 2557 days ago
I would have added a poll to the original article to see which site works better for readers, Peter Norvig's minimalist link collection or a good-looking artistic site. Design elements could be good tools to draw someones attention for important information. Unfortunately some people use these tools incorrectly, but this is not a reason to generalize.

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